Top 5 Video Courses for Pro Android Developers – Free This Weekend!

Want to learn a new Android framework, or test your whiteboard interview skills? We’ve created a roundup of our most popular advanced Android courses — and made them free for you to enjoy this weekend! By Chris Belanger.

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The best thing about Android is the wealth of frameworks and technologies that exist to help you build the best app ever. And as a professional Android developer, you know that it’s critical to stay on top of new libraries and techniques, while performing the balancing act of managing breaking changes to your existing codebase.

But honestly — it’s difficult to plow through all of the official documentation and sample apps on your own. That’s why we’ve created this roundup of the most popular Pro-level Android courses on our site — and to help you sample them on your own, we’re making all of these courses free for all to watch from October 23 to October 25!

Read on to see what courses are free this weekend, and how you can start learning today!

Kotlin Whiteboard Interview Questions

Love them or hate them, whiteboard interviews for Android developers are a fixture of the hiring process for many companies. Keep your skills sharp with this selection of commonly-asked Android and Kotlin coding interview challenges!

Kotlin Whiteboard covers the following concepts:

  • Binary search
  • Linear data structures: linked lists, stacks, and queues
  • Trees, Binary Trees, BSTs, and AVL Trees
  • Heaps and Priority Queues
  • Basic sorting algorithms
  • Merge Sort, Radix Sort, Heap Sort, and Quicksort
  • Graphs, BFS, and DFS
  • …and more!

The best part about this course is that you can jump in anywhere; the beginning, near the end, or anywhere in between!

Jetpack Compose

Our newest course! Learn how to build beautiful, powerful and reactive applications using the declarative UI framework called Jetpack Compose. You’ll cover migrating between versions of Jetpack compose, the difference between declarative and imperative UI, how to craft UI and themes, connect LiveData, animations and more!

Jetpack Compose covers the following concepts:

  • Composable Functions
  • Simple Composables
  • ViewGroups
  • Lists
  • Actions & Handlers
  • Modifiers
  • State
  • Recomposition
  • Ambience
  • Custom Composables
  • Animations
  • Material Components
  • Component Reusability

You should be familiar with Android Studio, Kotlin and the current UI toolkit in Android. Familiarity with architectural patterns such as MVVM, using the ViewModel and LiveData components is required for later parts of the course.

Implementing Picture In Picture Mode In Android

You can implement Picture In Picture mode to allow users to watch videos even while they use other apps. See how a real-world app uses PiP, then learn how to add awesome media playback controls to PiP mode for ease of use!

Implementing Picture In Picture Mode In Android covers the following concepts:

  • Android Screen Resizing
  • Multi-tasking Android apps
  • Picture-In-Picture mode in Android
  • Picture-In-Picture Parameters
  • Picture-In-Picture Lifecycle
  • Configuration Changes
  • BroadcastReceivers
  • MediaPlayer
  • MediaPlayer Actions

You should be familiar with Android Studio and Kotlin. Knowledge about using advanced code structures to build different layers in your apps and communicate between them is welcome.

Bonus: This course covers a feature from the app! Check out the open-source repo for our app here.

Dependency Injection with Hilt: Fundamentals

In this dependency injection course, learn how to apply an awesome new library called Hilt, to build dependency graphs, and inject dependencies into Android components in an automatic and lifecycle-aware way, without having to write a ton of boilerplate code that you had to write previously with Dagger.

Dependency Injection with Hilt: Fundamentals covers the following concepts:

  • Theory behind code structure and layers in apps
  • Using SOLID principles to write code
  • Dependency Inversion principle from SOLID
  • Dagger DI framework basics
  • Modules and Providers
  • Hilt fundamentals
  • Connecting Hilt dependencies in components
  • Injecting dependencies using Hilt
  • Applying Scopes to reuse dependencies

You should have a good understanding of Android Studio, Android, Kotlin, code structure and SOLID principles. Familiarity with dependency injection libraries and the topic is not required, but is definitely helpful!

Introduction to Google’s Material Design

You might not consider yourself a designer, but it’s not challenging to bring new life to your app with Material Design. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of Google’s Material Design by updating an old app to implement material widgets, colors, typography and icons.

Introduction to Google’s Material Design covers the following concepts:

  • Creating icons with the Asset Studio
  • Using material design components such as TextViews and Buttons.
  • Implementing a material color scheme
  • Implementing and extending the material design themes.

This course is ideal for Android developers who are interested in learning the basics of Material design from a developer’s point of view. This course expects you to be familiar with Android Studio, Android Development with Kotlin and to have some experience with Views and styles.

Free All Weekend!

We’re making all of these Pro-level courses absolutely free this weekend for everyone to enjoy, but only until Sunday, October 25, 2020!

To start watching now, simply head to any of the courses below you’d like to watch:

Where to Go From Here?

If you’re interested in digging into one or more of these courses once the free weekend ends, great news — they’re all included as part of an Ultimate Pro subscription, which gives you access to over 4,000+ videos and 40+ books in our online mobile development library. It’s simply the best way to keep your skills sharp and stay at the top of your Android development game.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ultimate Pro subscription, we’ve got a handy post here explaining what’s included, or you can head over to our main Ultimate Subscription page to see which subscription is right for you!

Enjoy – and let us know if any of these courses are your favorites, too!

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