raywenderlich.com at iOSDevUK 2015

Check out the raywenderlich.com team members speaking at the upcoming iOS Conference iOSDevUK 2015! By Ray Wenderlich.

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iOSDevUK conference

This is just a quick note to let you know about the raywenderlich.com team members who will be speaking at the upcoming iOSDevUK conference.

iOSDevUK is one of our favorite iOS conferences. The talks are usually quite technical, fitting in well with its academic university setting. The remote location also lends itself to great socializing.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this year due preparing for the iOS 9 Feast, but the good news is 4 members of the raywenderlich.com team will be speaking at the conference!

Keep reading to find out who from the team will be speaking – and what their talks will be on.

Darryl Bayliss – Android for iOS Developers

Darryl Bayliss (Daz Industries): Android Team member

Join the eternal debate over what is the best mobile operating system to develop for!

This session tries to show you the middle path between iOS and Android. It will compare and contrast iOS and Android techniques to do everything you naturally love in a standard iOS app, in the hopes to banish various presumptions about Android and inspire you to have a go yourself.

No tools are needed, just bring your open mind and learn how you can use your iOS skills to develop for Android.

Sam Davies – I Heart UIStackView and You Should Too!

Sam Davies (Razeware): OS X Team Lead, Android Team Lead, Video Team member, RWDevCon speaker, iOS 8 by Tutorials

Imagine a world where you get to use the Auto Layout that you know and love, but with less fighting with stabby constraints.

Well, with the introduction of iOS 9, that world has arrived in the form of stack views!

We’ll get hands-on in this talk – covering the basics of stack views in IB, best practices for approaching layouts, animation and code. If you want to follow along be sure to have Xcode 7 up and running. Or sit back, and enjoy watching somebody else battling with IB for once.

James Frost – Practical Auto Layout

James Frost (Mubaloo Ltd.): iOS 6 by Tutorials, iOS Team member

Auto Layout was introduced to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 6, but to this day many developers actively avoid it. They treat it as something that’s scary and complicated, hoping that things will be okay if they just ignore it and continue manually calculating frames and using springs and struts _like an animal_. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

This session aims to show you why you have no reason to be afraid of Auto Layout; it’s really quite simple, and incredibly powerful. In fact, once you get into it, you should find that it actually makes your development life much easier and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

We’ll take a look at the tools and techniques you need to know to allow you to just sit down and get stuff done. No nonsense, just practical applications of Auto Layout.

Mic Pringle – watchOS 101

Mic Pringle (Razeware): iOS Team Lead, Podcaster, RWDevCon speaker, iOS 8 by Tutorials, iOS 7 by Tutorials, WatchKit by Tutorials

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly a roaring success, but would this still be the case were it not for the thriving third-party app ecosystem?

watchOS 1 provided developers with WatchKit, a frustrating watch app framework riddled with limitations. But with the release of watchOS 2, Apple have removed the shackles and opened up the platform.

Come to this hands-on workshop and learn how to build your very own watch apps for Apple Watch and watchOS 2. Whether you’ve dabbled with WatchKit before, or never even seen a watch out in the wild, just come packing a laptop with Xcode 7 as no previous experience is required.

Where To Go From Here?

If these talks sound interesting to you, check out the iOSDevUK website. Be sure to say hi to Darryl, Sam, James, and Mic if you go!

Also, stay tuned for our official raywenderlich.com conference, RWDevCon 2016: just a few days left for the early bird discount! :]