New Video Tutorial Series: Auto Layout

Our popular Auto Layout video tutorial series is now freshly up-to-date for iOS 9 and Swift 2 – check out this post for the links! By Ray Wenderlich.

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New Video Tutorial Series: Auto Layout

2 mins

As part of this year’s iOS 9 Feast, we are releasing a new video tutorial series every Thursday.

This week, we are happy to release a Swift 2 and iOS 9 update to our popular Introduction to Auto Layout series!

Auto Layout video tutorial

This is an exciting series for us, because it is the first video tutorial series by Jerry Beers, one of our new video team members. Jerry is a co-founder of Five Pack Creative, a mobile development company that has worked on projects for American Airlines,, Tapity, and more.

In this update, Jerry has updated the series to Swift 2 and iOS 9. He also has updated the series to cover new material in iOS 9, such as UILayoutGuide, new methods and properties on UIView, NSLayoutAnchor, and more.

All 12 parts of the series are available today. You can check them out here:

If you haven’t learned Auto Layout yet, now there’s no excuse – we have a fully updated video tutorial series ready for you! :]

So what are you waiting for – check out the videos and learn Auto Layout! And be sure to come back next Thursday for one final new video tutorial series during the iOS 9 Feast.


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