New Video Tutorial Series: Table Views

Learn everything you need to know about table views in our video tutorial series – now updated for Swift 2 and iOS 9! By Ray Wenderlich.

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New Video Tutorial Series: Table Views

1 min

During this year’s iOS 9 Feast, we are released new video tutorial series every Thursday.

This week, we are happy to release our 7th and final iOS 9 Feast video tutorial series: a Swift 2 and iOS 9 update to our Table View series!

Table views video tutorial

Before, this series had been Objective-C only. In this update, Brian has updated the series to Swift 2 and iOS 9. The update also makes use of iOS 9 related technologies such as Stack Views.

All 12 parts of the series are available today. You can check them out here:

We hope you have enjoyed all of the new video content we have released during the iOS 9 Feast – 78 videos all told! Thanks to everyone for subscribing and helping support all we do on this site.


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