Join the Unity Feast Game Jam!

Join the Unity Feast Game Jam – learn Unity, make your first game, and win prizes! By Brian Moakley.

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During this week’s Unity Feast, we have released a full menu of free Unity tutorials:

  1. First Course: Introduction to Unity
  2. Second Course: Introduction to Unity 2D
  3. Third Course: Introduction to Unity Animation
  4. Fourth Course: Make a VR Game With Unity and Google Cardboard
  5. Fifth Course: Introduction to Unity Particle Systems
  6. Sixth Course: Introduction to Unity UI System

After such a delicious meal, it’s now time to dig into dessert. That is, our Unity Game Jam!

This is an invitation for you to join our Unity Feast Game Jam. This is a great way to learn Unity, have fun, and have a chance to win some great prizes – such as a new Apple TV!

Keep reading to find out how to enter, the game jam theme, and to see the full list of prizes.

What is the Unity Feast Game Jam?

The Unity Feast Game Jam is a challenge for you to make a game in Unity, using a theme we provide.

We are running this game jam because we wanted to give you a chance to practice some of the skills you learned from our new Unity tutorials that came out this week. Tutorials are a great way to learn, but making your own game is even better!

Your challenge in the Unity Feast Game Jam is to make either a 2D or 3D Unity game around the theme of eating. To make things interesting, we are providing five different objects. You must include at least two of these objects in your game:


You don’t have to use this exact art (for example, you could make your own 3D cat if you wanted) – the important part is that the game is about eating and at least 2 of these objects are represented in some way in your game.

Note: Here is a 2D art pack of these items, courtesy of Vicki from Game Art Guppy.

The game jam is open to all, but the game jam is only eligible for single entries. Yes, you can work as a team, but you will have to submit as one team and if you win, you will only receive one prize.

All members of the team are eligible to enter, with exception to the Unity Team. The Unity Team will be the judges for the contest, to see who wins the cool prizes listed below!


Not only will you learn a ton and have fun by entering the Unity Feast Game Jam, but you’ll have a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Grand Prize Winner

The grand prize winner will win the latest and greatest Apple TV to play your Unity games. The winner will also receive a $50 Steam gift card that you can use to get some great games made with Unity. Total value: $250

Runners Up Prizes

  1. One winner will receive a license to UFPS : Ultimate FPS. This a Unity framework for creating AAA quality first person shooter games in Unity. Total value: $95
  2. One winner will receive a license to Shader Forge. Shader Forge is visual tool integrated into Unity for creating new shaders for your game. No longer do you have to muddle over cryptic shader languages when you can design your shaders using this incredibly user friendly tool. Total value: $90
  3. One winner will receive a license to Texture Packer and Sprite Illuminator. While Unity includes it’s own texture packer, this third party tool creates really efficient sprite sheets for your games. Sprite Illuminator also also you to provide normal maps to your 2D artwork. Total value: $60
  4. One winner will receive a license to 2D Homing Missiles, 2D Laser Pack, and 2D Shooter Bullet and Weapon System. Looking to take your 2D shooter to the next level? These plugins will add some awesome visual juice to your game that will make it stand out. These plugins were developed by Unity Team member, Sean Duffy. Total value: $40

In total, this is over $500 in prizes – just for learning Unity and having fun! :D

Unity Feast Game Jam Details

The game jam begins now and ends this Sunday at 11:59 PM EST – so feel free to start your game whenever you’re ready!

  • Start Time: Now
  • End Time: Sunday November 22 @ 11:59 PM EST
  • What to Submit: A game made in Unity with the theme eating. Must include at least 2 of the following objects: food, helicopter, cat, bugs, and boxing gloves.
  • Where to Submit: Email a zip file of your entire Unity project to by Sunday November 22 @ 11:59 PM EST.

If you do not send your entire project by Sunday November 22 @ 11:59 PM EST, or if your project does not run without any modifications the game will be considered a void entry and WILL NOT be judged.

Note: You should save your entire Unity project in a zip file. Send the entire Unity project, not the game built for a particular platform.

Once we receive your entry, we will immediately download it then distribute it to the team to judge. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 27th.

Where To Go From Here?

So set forth and make your Unity game – and be sure to check out our new Unity tutorials if you need a little help!

Beyond that, if you’re looking inspiration, support, or a little tough love during this game jam, we’ve set up a Slack channel just for game jam participants.

Slack is a free messaging client. If you wish to join the Slack channel, head over here to sign up!

Note: The channel will only be live during the duration of the game jam.

With that said, start making those games. On behalf of the Unity Team, I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have fun! :]