Open Call For Applications: OS X Tech Editors

Ever thought about joining the team? We currently have some openings for OS X tech editors! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Over the past few months, we’ve received some great applications from folks interested in joining the tutorial team, but unfortunately we’re currently at capacity.

However, there’s some good news – currently we have a few openings for OS X Tech Editors!

As an OS X tech editor, your role is incredibly important. You are the guardian that makes sure that each tutorial that comes out of our team is top-notch.

Not only does this help our readers get great tutorials, but it helps the rest of the team as well. As experienced developers and authors, you are helping our more junior team members improve through your improvements and comments on their work.

In our experience, our tech editors are often our very best writers and developers, and we treat them with the utmost regard. Tech editors are usually first in line for any book projects and special opportunities on our site.

Why Be an OS X Tech Editor?

Here are the top 5 reasons to apply as an OS X Tech Editor:

  1. Learning. You’ll always be learning something new – and will have fun doing it! You’ll become a better developer, writer, and person, and make a lot of new friends along the way.
  2. Money! Get paid to learn! We offer the highest rates in the industry.
  3. Special Opportunities. Members of the Tutorial Team get access to special opportunities such as contributing to our books and products, speaking at our conference, being a guest on our podcast, working on team projects, and much more.
  4. You’ll Make a Difference. We get emails every day about how our tutorials help our readers make their first app, get their dream job, or accomplish a lifelong dream of making their own game. This means a lot to us and makes all the hard work worth it!
  5. Free Stuff! And as a final bonus, by joining the Tutorial Team you will get a lot of free stuff! You’ll get a free copy of all of the products we sell on the site – over $1,000 in value!

Aww Yeah!

Requirements and How to Apply

Here are the requirements:

  • You must be an advanced-level OS X developer.
  • You should be a great writer with fluent English writing skills.
  • You should be comfortable learning brand new topics that you have never done before, which are either not documented or poorly documented.
  • You should have a strong work ethic – this will be a significant time commitment and is not easy.

To appply, send our OS X Team Lead Matthew Morey an email , with the following details:

  • Why do you want to be an OS X Tech Editor?
  • Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience.
  • What is the best app/game you’ve made or worked on, and why are you proud of the work you did on this app/game? [Please include link]
  • Please link to any examples of technical writing you have done in the past.
  • Please include links to: your GitHub account, your StackOverflow account, your Twitter account.

For the applicants that look most promising, we will give you a tryout. If you pass the tryout, you’re in!

Now’s The Time

If you’ve ever been thinking about joining the Tutorial Team in the past, and have some OS X experience, this is a great time. We could really use the help, and we may have a secret project around the corner that you could get in on the ground floor :]

Thanks all – Matt, the OS X Team, and I look forward to creating some great tutorials with you! :]