Open Call for Tech Editors on the Server-Side Swift Team

We’re looking for advanced Swift developers to join our Server-Side Swift Tutorial Team as tech editors! By Annette Marlette.

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The Server-Side Swift Team Is Growing!

We’re recruiting experienced Server-Side Swift developers to help us grow our team and provide brand new Server-Side Swift content to our audience.

Note: These are paid, part-time contract positions — take on assignments at your own pace based on your own schedule!

If you’re an experienced Server-Side Swift developer with an interest in tech editing, you may be who we’re looking for!

What Are the Tech Editor Responsibilities and Time Commitments?

Tech Editor: Tech editors are the pillars that hold up our site, and they are the guardians that make sure each article that comes out of our team is top-notch.

Are you a senior Server-Side Swift developer, have strong attention to detail, and enjoy getting paid to learn? Then, the tech editor role may be for you.

* Time commitment: about 3-4 tech edits every year.

What Are the Requirements?

  1. You should be an experienced Server-Side Swift Developer.
  2. You should be a good writer with fluent English writing skills.
  3. You should be comfortable learning about new topics that you’ve never used before; some of which may be poorly documented or not documented at all. It’s a plus if you have tech editing experience but not required as long as you are an experienced Server-Side Swift developer.
  4. You should have a strong work ethic. This will be a significant time commitment, and you must be able to deliver on deadline.

Why Join Our Team?

The RW Team

  1. We’re a group of over 400 elite developers from around the world who team up to create the highest-quality tutorials on the internet. We’re always looking for talented developers to join our team, and we’d love for you to be a part! :]
  2. Learning: You’ll always be learning something new — and you’ll have fun doing it! You’ll become a better developer and writer, but the best part is that you’ll make a lot of new friends who are also passionate about Server-Side Swift along the way.
  3. Money: Get paid to learn! We offer the highest rates in the industry.
  4. Special Opportunities: Members of the Tutorial Team get access to special opportunities such as contributing to our books and products, being a guest on our podcast, working on team projects and much more.
  5. Recognition: Each article lists the contributors at the bottom of the article with a link to your profile, giving you great exposure and building your portfolio. This is great to add to your resume.
  6. Make a Difference: We get emails every day about how our tutorials help our readers get their dream job or accomplish a lifelong dream of making their apps. This means a lot to us, and it makes all the hard work worth it!
  7. Free Stuff: As a final bonus, by joining the Tutorial Team, you’ll get a free copy of all of the products we sell on the site.

What Is the Tryout Process Like?

The Tryout Process

The tech editor tryout consists of tech editing a sample tutorial to gauge your technical skills, writing skills and ability to follow our style and branding.

How Do You Apply?

If you want to apply, email me ( and include your LinkedIn profile and/or resume and I’ll get you started.

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Where to Go From Here?

There’s never been a better time to join the Server-Side Swift team. Don’t just wish you had applied — come join us!