Core Graphics on macOS Tutorial

Core Graphics is Apple’s 2D drawing engine for OS X. Discover how to build a great disc info app for OS X using Core Graphics to draw charts in this Core Graphics on OS X tutorial. By Ernesto García.

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Where to Go From Here

You can download the completed project here.

This Core Graphics on macOS tutorial covered the basics of the different frameworks available to use for drawing custom views in macOS. You just covered:

  • How to create and draw paths using Core Graphics and Cocoa Drawing
  • How to use clipping areas
  • How to draw text strings
  • How to draw gradients

You should now feel confident in your abilities to use Core Graphics and Cocoa Drawing next time you need clean, responsive graphics.

If you’re looking to learn more, consider the following resources:

If you have any questions or comments on this tutorial, feel free to join the discussion below in the forums! Thanks for joining me again!

Ernesto García


Ernesto García


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