Alt-U 25% Off Discount Ending Soon

The Alt-U discounts are ending soon, so sign up soon to save some money. By Ray Wenderlich.

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Alt-U 25% Off Discount Ending Soon

1 min

I hope everyone had a wonderful week at WWDC!

This is a quick reminder that the 25% off discount for the upcoming Alt-U classes is ending soon (Friday Jun 24). The discount applies to all three levels of classes:

  • iOS Apprentice (Aug 1-5): For beginners – the class I wrote about here.
  • iOS Journeyman (Aug 22-26): For intermediate developers. Covers asynchronous development, networking, Core Data, and more.
  • iOS Master (Oct 3-7): For advanced developers. Covers functional programming, app architecture, custom Collection View layouts, and more.

I spoke to the guys at Five Pack Creative, and they said all classes will be fully up-to-date with Swift 3 and iOS 10 – w00t!

To get the discount, just add the course to your cart and enter this coupon code: RAYWENDERLICH. The discount expires in just a few days, so definitely snag it while you still can.

I hope you all have safe travels, and get some much-needed post-WWDC rest! :]


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