iOS 10 by Tutorials: Free Access for Subscribers!

We’re releasing the fifth book in our popular iOS by Tutorials series – and subscribers get free access! By Ray Wenderlich.

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iOS 10 by Tutorials: Free Access for Subscribers!

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Update 4/24/2017: This promotion is no longer active.

There’s a lot of new goodies for developers in Xcode 8 and iOS 10 this year – Message Apps, SiriKit, Memory Debugging, oh my!

As usual, we’re already working on a new book to help get you up-to-speed: iOS 10 by Tutorials.

Our iOS by Tutorials series is extremely popular, and this is our fifth year in a row making a book in this series. But this year, we’re doing things differently:

  • Screencasts first: Starting next week, we will be releasing 2 screencasts a week on iOS 10 topics for subscribers. This way we can get some tutorials to you right away.
  • Chapters second: After we finish the screencasts on an iOS 10 topic, we’ll write the corresponding chapters in iOS 10 by Tutorials, providing regular early access releases along the way.
  • Free access for subscribers: Best of all, as a way of saying thanks, subscribers get free access to both the screencasts and book as part of their subscription!

Keep reading to find out about the plans for iOS 10 by Tutorials and how to get your copy.

iOS 10 by Tutorials

After having watched over 55 WWDC 2016 videos, we can safely say there’s a lot iOS 10 material to cover in this book!

Here’s what we’re planning on including so far (note that since the book is in progress, this is subject to change):

  • Migrating to Swift 3: Learn how to migrate your code to Swift 3, including understanding the API naming conventions, updates to Foundation, switching toolchains, and more.
  • Message Apps: Learn how to integrate your own functionality into Apple’s messages apps, including sticker packs, collaborative messages, and more.
  • SiriKit: Learn how to integrate your apps with Siri, including making an extension, handling the conversation, and providing a custom UI.
  • UIView Property Animator: Learn about the new UIView Property Animator API, including using it for basic animations, interactive animations, and view controller transitions.
  • Speech Recognizer: Learn about the new speech recognizer that allows you to easily detect speech from within your apps.
  • Memory Debugger: Learn about Xcode 8’s powerful new memory debugger that allows you to easily detect and fix retain cycles and other memory problems.
  • Other Xcode 8 Improvements: Learn about other handy new features in Xcode 8, such as Auto Layout improvements, the new threading debugger, editor enhancements, and more.
  • User Notifications: Learn about the new user notifications API that consolidates remote and local notifications, and new features such as advanced appearance and in-app presentation.
  • Photography: Learn about some new features with photography in iOS 10, such as capturing and editing live photos, and advanced photo capture techniques.
  • And much, much more: App Transport security changes, UIControl updates, search and proactive improvements, and more.

Although you could teach yourself these items by reading Apple docs and sample code, it would take forever – and let’s face it, we’re all busy developers.

That’s why we create the iOS by Tutorials books each year. We do the hard work of figuring things out and making a nice easy-to-understand tutorial – that way you can quickly get up-to-speed and get back to making great apps.

Where To Go From Here?

Here’s how you can get your hands on the screencasts and books:

  • If you’re a subscriber, you’re all set! You’ll start seeing the screencasts appear next week, and early access versions of the book will appear on your My Loot page as they become ready.
  • If you haven’t subscribed to yet, you should subscribe now! You will get access to the book, the screencasts, and access to our entire video tutorial library with over 500 videos.
  • If you just want the book, you can buy the book separately. This includes permanent access to the book, including early access versions and updates (but no screencasts or videos).

Thanks again to all subscribers – you are what makes this site possible. We hope you enjoy the iOS 10 book and screencasts – and stay tuned for tons of new Swift 3 video tutorials in the coming year! :]


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