Office Hours

Come attend scheduled, live Office Hours with iOS, Android and Flutter experts that can help answer your development questions.

Have you ever been stuck on a problem and wished you had a senior developer to talk to?

Maybe you’re not sure what the best architecture is for your app; perhaps you can’t quite wrap your head around reactive programming; or maybe you’re trying to decide between use Flutter or native development for your next project.

Not everyone has easy access to a senior developer, especially when everyone seems so busy these days and our teams are more physically separate then ever before.

Good news: Office Hours are the next best thing to having a senior developer right next to you!

How Does Office Hours Work?

For the next three months, we will be hosting livestreams every Friday and Saturday where you can bring your iOS, Android and Flutter development questions to a a panel of expert developers from the Tutorial Team.

  • iOS Office Hours are on Fridays, from 9–10AM EDT.
  • Android and Flutter Office Hours are on Saturdays, from 11 to noon EDT.

Even if you don’t have any questions for our team, you’re still welcome to attend. You’re sure to learn something new!

How Do I Ask Questions?

Please submit your questions in advance if possible, it helps us give you the best possible answers!

You can ask questions in advance using the following channels on RW Chat:

  • #questions-for-android-flutter-office-hours
  • #questions-for-ios-office-hours

Here’s our recommendation: any time during the week that you have a question you’re wondering about, just drop it in there. Then attend office hours to find out the answer! :]

How Do I Register for Office Hours?

You can register to attend RW Office Hours here:

Will The Sessions Be Recorded?

Yes! We record all sessions and post the videos on our site afterwards.

You can find all recordings we have so far on this page:

Meet the Office Hours Team

Here’s the amazing team behind our office hours, who have kindly donated their time and experience to help you out each week:

Office Hours Lead

Harun Wangereka is an Android Developer at Apps:Lab. He helps organize the largest Android focused developer conference in Africa, DroidconKE, and is also the co-organizer of Android254 & Kotlin Kenya.

iOS Office Hours Mentors

Chuck Krutsinger is a software developer and publisher of the award winning Mobile Intelligence™ Clinic app and Donate Life America Game Changer Award winner, Swipe To Donate Life. He loves creating apps that have a meaningful impact on those who use them and he loves learning new technologies teaching others about them. When he isn’t working on technology, he is most likely skiing, mountain biking or just enjoying life.

Felipe Laso-Marsetti is a Technical Lead working at Lextech Global Services. He’s also an aspiring game designer/programmer. You can follow him on Twitter as @iFeliLM or on his blog.

Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner has authored over a dozen books, video courses, tutorials, and articles on Swift and iOS app development — with a focus on reactive programming. He’s also presented at numerous conferences. Additionally, Scott teaches app development and is an Apple Certified Trainer for Swift and iOS. Scott has been developing iOS apps since 2010, ranging from personal apps that have won awards to working on enterprise teams developing apps that serve millions of users. Say hello to Scott on Twitter or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Libranner Santos is a software engineer. Most of his recent experience comes from iOS development, but he also has had some fun with web development in the past 10 years. Libranner is a basketball fan and player, a decent dancer, and loves learning and teaching at all levels. You can connect with him LinkedIn.

Android & Flutter Office Hours Mentors

Darryl Bayliss is a Software Engineer from Liverpool. Away from programming he is usually reading, writing on his blog or playing some fantastical video game involving magic and dragons. Feel free to say hello on Twitter or check out his coding scribbles on GitHub.

Brian Kayfitz has had a long career working on video games, eCommerce, productivity, finance and travel apps. After spending years working as an iOS and Android developer, he sees Flutter as the next big pillar for mobile. Learn more at

Evana Margain Puig is an experienced full-stack developer with a strong knowledge of mobile native Android and iOS technologies. She also has a deep interest in projects that require both conceptual and analytical thinking, extensive leadership background, and experience in architecture and project design. Learn more at

Libranner Santos is here again! Libranner is an Flutter mentor, in addition to being an iOS mentor. His bio hasn’t changed since last time. :]

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