raywenderlich.com at #Pragma Conference 2016

We are a proud sponsor of #Pragma Conference 2016 this October in Verona, Italy. And we’ve got a discount code for raywenderlich.com readers! By Ray Wenderlich.

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raywenderlich.com at #Pragma Conference 2016

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We are happy to announce that we are one of the proud sponsors of #Pragma Conference 2016, this October in Verona, Italy.

Last year’s conference was a hit and the line up for 2016 is looking quite promising!

This year, one of our long time tutorial team members, Ellen Shapiro, will be giving a talk. Ellen hasn’t chosen the title of her talk yet, but she promises it will be awesome!

Also, the organizer of #Pragma Conference, #pragma mark, has been kind enough to set up a 10% off discount for all raywenderlich.com readers. To get it, just order a ticket with the discount code PRAGMARAY10.

Also stay tuned for our official raywenderlich.com conference, RWDevCon, coming in March. Ticket sales open very soon *hint hint*. :]


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